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Academic bankruptcy, withdrawal, and probation procedures

The College of Education offers several services to support the undergraduate student’s  academic progress. The academic action specialist seeks to provide mediation, guidance, and support for students who are making little or no progress due to academic or non-academic circumstances.
To initiate these services a student must contact the Academic Actions Specialist, Sarah DeVriendt at (859) 257-7861 or e-mail her at .The following academic actions may be available depending on the student’s specific situation:

Academic Probation, Suspension & Reinstatement
Academic Bankruptcy
FERPA Document Completion
Full University Withdrawals
Post-midterm Withdrawals
Retroactive Withdrawals
Two-Year Waiver Appeal for Retroactive Withdrawals

For faculty: Academic Actions – University Senate Policy

Other academic support questions

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Advising and Student Success