Curriculum and Instruction

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Welcome to the Department of Curriculum and Instruction.

We offer undergraduate degrees in Elementary, Middle, and Secondary Education. The department also offers graduate programs in Elementary, Middle School, and Secondary Education, Literacy, and Instructional Systems Design. In addition, the department offers graduate work leading to an Ed.D. degree in Instruction and Administration. Planned programs of study leading to certification rank changes are also available through the department and we are home to the Bluegrass Writing Project.

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The course “Education in a Culturally Diverse Society” (EDC/AAS 550) is among classes taken by UK students in a variety of majors. It helps college students develop perspectives that will enable them to enter their future careers able to provide an equitable service and/or classroom environment where all have equal access and opportunities. Dr. Elinor Brown “There is so much...
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As brain research has grown, it has given rise to a new research field - educational neuroscience. Researchers are starting to use knowledge gained through brain research to rethink how to improve student learning.   Among the voices in this emerging body of knowledge is Dr. George Hruby, who is an associate professor of literacy education at the University of Kentucky College...
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  New libraries are popping up around Lexington, and the latest location is in front of the UK College of Education’s Taylor Education Building. These libraries – which looks like birdhouses – don’t require library cards or late fines, don’t insist that patrons whisper or stay...
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