Graduate Certificate in School Technology Leadership

Program Overview

For those interested in adding a specialization to their resume, the online Graduate Certificate program in School Technology Leadership is a great option to make you a more competitive and effective leader. In five courses (15 credit hours) – taken in as little as one year – school leaders can dramatically deepen their ability to lead their school systems into a digital, global era.

Students will learn everything from a deeper understanding of the global educational context, to how to make effective hiring decisions for technology-savvy teachers, to the elements of leadership in 1-1 computing environments, to the legal and policy structures critical for reform. Students also will be exposed to a global network of similiarly-minded educational leaders and will form a personal learning network that will serve them well into the future.

From Paducah to Pretoria, our schools are facing a massive wave of technologically-driven change that requires leaders to be able to understand, plan, and implement a very different foundation for our children’s future. The courses in the Graduate Certificate, infused throughout all of the School Technology Leadership programs, provide a platform to gain those leadership abilities in your own practice.

Key Features

  • 100% online program. No campus visits.
  • Structured to be completed in 1 year (three semesters, including summer).
  • Program taught mostly by CASTLE-based faculty.
  • Based on the internationally-recognized NETS-A standards.
  • 15 credit hours over five courses.
  • Spring and Fall start dates available.
  • Globally-oriented program; students will interact with others from across the globe.
  • All students qualify for in-state (Graduate Resident) tuition (around $525 per credit hour).

Program Overview (or see the program of study in PDF format).

  • EDL 661: School Technology Leadership (3 hours)
  • EDL 662: Digital Age Learning and Technology Leadership (3 hours)
  • EDL 650: School Program Improvement (3 hours)
  • EDL 664: Technology Leadership and School Improvement (3 hours)
  • EDL 665: School Technology Leadership for Digital Citizenship (3 hours)


Dr. John Nash, Program Chair
(859) 257-7845