IECE Program Faculty

Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education Faculty

Jennifer Grisham-Brown, Ed.D.

Jennifer Grisham-Brown, Ed.D. is a Professor in the Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education program and faculty director of the Early Childhood Laboratory School at the University of Kentucky. She teaches courses in assessment and instructional design/implementation. Dr. Grisham-Brown has been named a Teacher who Made a Difference on two separate occasions.

Dr. Grisham-Brown is co-author of two books on blended practices in early childhood education (Blended Practices in Early Childhood Education (in press, 2005) and Blended Assessment Practices in Early Childhood Education [2011). As well, she co-authored a book entitled Reach for the Stars: Planning for the Future (2013), which is used to support families of young children to plan for their children’s future and articulate their priorities to educational team members.

Dr. Grisham-Brown has directed or co- directed numerous state and federal grants in the areas of personnel preparation, program evaluation, training and technical assistance, model development, and research. Her research interests include authentic assessment, tiered instruction, and inclusion of children with disabilities in inclusive preschool settings. In those areas, she has authored/co-authored numerous peer-reviewed articles and book chapters. As well, she is frequently asked to provide professional development to state departments of education, universities, and local education agencies on topics on which she conducts research throughout the country.

Dr. Grisham-Brown is a member of the Early Intervention Management and Research Group, where she is part of a team of early intervention professionals from across the country who are responsible for the development and research of the Assessment, Evaluation, and Programming System (Bricker, 2002), an early childhood assessment that is used across the United States as a progress monitoring tool for young children birth to six.

Dr. Grisham-Brown is co-founder of a children’s home and preschool program in Guatemala City called Hope for Tomorrow. Since 2009, she has taken students from the College of Education to Guatemala for a summer education abroad experience. Dr. Grisham-Brown also works internationally in other locations to promote inclusion of young children with disabilities. Finally, Dr. Grisham-Brown is on the Board of Education for the community in which she resides. 

Diane Haynes, M.Ed. 
Adjunct Lecturer

Lee Ann Jung, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Lee Ann has been on faculty in the University of Kentucky’s College of Education since 2002 and has worked in the field of special education since 1994. In addition to serving on the IECE program faculty, Lee Ann is the Director of International School Partnerships for the College of Education. Since 2002, Lee Ann has served as the higher education representative on Kentucky’s governor-appointed Interagency Coordinating Council (ICC) for early intervention, which she chaired for several years. She has served in the roles of teacher, administrator, and researcher and has worked as an interventionist directly with hundreds of children with disabilities and their families.

Lee Ann is actively engaged with schools and districts in supporting growth in the areas of standards-based assessment, family support, IEP/IFSP development, planning intervention, and measuring progress. Her constant connection to research-based practice in real-world settings throughout the US and in international settings forms the foundation of her university teaching.

Lee Ann has authored or coauthored 4 books, two of which were finalists for the Distinguished Achievement award from the Association of Educational Publishers.  She has authored more than 35 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters and has received in excess of 4 million dollars in funding to support personnel preparation and research. This funding includes continuous funding since 2006 from the US Department of Education to support the tuition of scholars in the IECE program.

Lee Ann has served as associate editor for Young Exceptional Children (YEC), guest editor and editorial board member of Topics in Early Childhood Special Education, and is currently an editorial board member for YEC and Journal of Early Intervention. She is a 2001 graduate of Auburn University.

Dr. Katherine McCormickKatherine McCormick, Ph.D.

Dr. Katherine McCormick is a Professor in Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education and holds the James W. and Diane V. Stuckert Service-Learning Professorship. Dr. McCormick has been actively involved in a number of program, department, college and university initiatives at UK. She has served as Program Chair and Chair of the College of Education Faculty Council. University service has included Senate Council membership, and chair and member of the Senate’s Retroactive Withdrawal and Appeals Committee. She currently serves on the Graduate Council, the Academic Area Advisory Committee for the Social Sciences and the University Appeals Board, and is also a member of the Faculty Advisory Work Team for the new University Financial Model.

Dr. McCormick came to UK in 1998 from Columbus State University in Columbus, Georgia. She attended Auburn University for her Ph.D. and the University of Alabama Birmingham for advanced degrees in School Psychology. While in Alabama Dr. McCormick worked as a classroom teacher of young children with developmental delays and also worked as a school psychologist. She also directed a rural migrant program, and taught at-risk adolescents and youth in an alternative school program.

Dr. McCormick is active in teaching, research and service. While in Georgia, Dr. McCormick was appointed by the Governor to chair the Georgia Interagency Coordinating Council for Early Intervention. In Kentucky, Governor Beshear appointed her to the Early Childhood Authority. She serves on numerous college and university committees as well as state and national boards including editorial board membership for the premier journal in her discipline, the Journal of Early Intervention.

Dr. McCormick is a successful researcher in the fields of early intervention and early childhood special education. She has participated as Principal Investigator or Co-Principal Investigator on numerous projects funded by private foundations or state and federal agencies. Research with other colleagues at UK includes a 3-yr research and evaluation project of the Kentucky primary program and a 7-yr federally funded project to study transition for young children with disabilities and their families across the early childhood years. She disseminates her work regularly through publications and presentations. Current research interests include transition for young children, assessment and accountability practices, community engagement, and service-learning.

Charlotte Manno
Charlotte Manno, M.Ed. 
Staff Director 
Early Childhood Lab

Kelly Sampson, M.Ed.

Kelly Sampson is a lecturer in the Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education program. She joins the University of Kentucky IECE program having served 30 years in public education holding positions as an early childhood educator, primary teacher, principal, and director of early childhood. She has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in early childhood education at Asbury University for 4 years.

In 1999, Kelly incited and led an Early Childhood Focus Group consisting of thirty community members, parents, educators and administrators. The group conducted an in-depth self-study of all district early childhood programs and culminated in setting the vision and strategy for what became the Jessamine Early Learning Village, which Kelly led for 14 years.

While serving as principal, Kelly initiated and invested in the International Alliance for Invitational Education establishing and maintaining a partnership between Jessamine Early Learning Village and Anchors Schools of Hong Kong since 2007. Kelly has twice led a team of educators to Hong Kong to model developmentally appropriate teaching practices for early childhood schools. She and the team also conducted professional development for local educators and provided parent education for families.

Her interests center on the inclusion of students with disabilities and the development and implementation of successful co-teaching strategies and collaboration. Kelly received her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education, a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education and Administrative degree and certification from Eastern Kentucky University.