Accelerated Distance-Learning Program

Accelerated Distance Learning

The Masters in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling Accelerated Distance Learning Program is an innovative online academic experience. This program was developed by the CORE accredited rehabilitation counseling graduate program at the University of Kentucky to meet the unique learning needs of rehabilitation professionals.

The accelerated format is accomplished by dividing the traditional 16-week semester into two eight-week blocks. Each course’s instruction is condensed into an eight-week period. All coursework, with the exception of Practica and Internship is presented via asynchronous web-based instruction. Supervision for Practica and Internship is conducted via live compressed video and web-cam. Students receive quality instruction equivalent to the campus-based master’s program. The program can be completed in a 16-month time frame and is fully accessible to students with disabilities. An alternate part-time sequence of coursework is available which will allow the student to complete the program in three years.

The University of Kentucky Graduate Program in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling is accredited by the Council on Rehabilitation Education (CORE). In February 2013, an accreditation review of the program was conducted. This review included a review of the distance education program. The program obtained continued full accreditation without provisions for a term of eight years. The development of this unique Accelerated Distance Education Program was described as “visionary” by reviewers.

Program Length

The Masters Programs offered through the Accelerated Distance Learning Program are 60 credit hours. The entire program is designed to be completed within sixteen months. A total of 12 rehabilitation related credit hours can be transferred from other institutions with the approval of program faculty.

  • Each student will take the program in pre-established Blocks. Courses will be offered in eight-week blocks during the regular academic year.
  • A student who starts the sequence of courses in the Fall can complete the program the following Fall.
  • There will be one regular summer enrollment required.
  • Graduates will be eligible to sit for the Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) examination

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