Early Childhood Lab

The UK College of Education’s Early Childhood Lab has existed on our campus for about 80 years.

This is a licensed childcare center that collaborates with Fayette County Public Schools and Head Start. The Early Childhood Lab is extending the reach of its state-of-the-art early childhood services by launching an exciting new partnership with Visually Impaired Preschool Services, or VIPS. VIPS is a nonprofit organization that provides educational and therapeutic services to young children of the Commonwealth who have visual impairments. We are working with our partners to design the renovations of a building that will house the Early Childhood Lab and VIPS beginning in January 2015. The new building will allow the Lab to double in size, serving more than 100 children using best early childhood practices.  In addition to the care it provides for Central Kentucky Children, the Early Childhood Lab also serves as a teaching facility that trains the next generation of early childhood professionals.

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